Q & A

Below are some of the most common questions I receive from clients. If you do not see an answer to your questions, feel free to email me and I will get right back to you!

Q) Do you work from a Studio or from home?

I have a studio conveniently located inside my home and throughout my property, several locations for which to capture great photos.

Q) How many weddings have you done?

Hundreds!  I’ve lost count over the years.

Q) What is your wedding style?

My style is a combination of of Photo-journalistic and Formal. I allow my photos to tell a story. While I shoot a lot of photos, I don’t over do it with the new style of angled shots as these can distract from the actual event or moment. There’s a time to shoot from angles and there’s a time to let the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” ring loud.

Q) Who works with you? How many members are on your team? Will they be with you on my wedding day?

Sometimes I am accompanied by my family members who help me set up and assist throughout.

Q) How familiar are you with my wedding location?

I have shot in about 75% of venues in Central Missouri.
With that said, upon contract signing, I am willing to scout the location before the date to ensure the best results.

Q) Can you provide references for me to talk to?

Absolutely! I take pride in what i do and love doing it.
I can give a phone number to any of my brides, families, and/or past clients.

Q) How do you work with friends and family members who might want to take their own pictures?

I don’t mind if others are taking photographs as long as they know to avoid getting in the way. Keep in mind that by having others behind my shoulder effects the photos as those in it are distracted and not looking toward my camera. Also this can cause the formal photo session to be longer than normal.

Q) How will you work with us throughout the day so you get the shots you need but we can still enjoy ourselves?

I work around your schedule and time to get the shots I need. With my style of shooting, I let your actions throughout the day be apart of your story and therefore seek to let you do as much as you wish without restraint. I will every so often offer suggestions for staged photos that I believe will add to the memories you are creating.

Q) How long will you stay on my wedding day?

I provide a variety of wedding packages to accommodate your needs and time, some of which have no time restraints.

Q) Will you have other wedding/photography commitments that day or weekend?

Nope! I focus solely on your capturing the moments of your special day only!

Q) Do you prefer shooting film or digital?

As of 2005, I am now completely digital.

Q) When will the photos be ready to review?

Within three (3) days of your event.
When will the album be ready?
Approximate 14 days after ordering the photos.

Q) Will you post the pictures online for easy review by friends & family?

Yes, within three (3) days of your event for a minimum of 30 days.